Meet our Leadership Team!

Walter 'Wally B.' Jennings (Founder/Executive Director) is a poet-turned-performer who just happens to have been blessed with the gift of public speaking. Wally B. is the Founder and Executive Director of the Heard Em Say Youth Arts Collective-the organization behind the H.E.S. Slam Team project. Heard Em Say, founded in May 2007 was established to provide our community
Liz 'Kali' Prisley (Education Director) is a teacher and spoken word poet, a dynamic performer and progressive-minded writer who uses poetry to promote literacy and self-expression. Over the past six years Kali has taught writing as a Fulbright Scholar in Germany, as well as at Virginia Tech, the University of Tampa, and the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. She earned her Masters in English from Virginia Tech and her Bachelors in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida.
Dennis Amadeus (Artistic Director) is a German-born, New York-raised poet now representing the Tampa Bay Area. While he is an avid poet and community, youth, and cultural activist to this day, it has not always been that way. In his younger years, mostly due to the various traumas of his life, Dennis fell victim to a negative mindset that amounted to numerous run-ins with the law. The ramifications from these legal incidents have now created barriers in his life today that prevent him from using his talents and experience to help effect change in the lives of youth who come from similar circumstances and backgrounds. Walter Wally B Jennings and Heard Em Say Teen Poetry has afforded him this opportunity.
Tanquilla 'TQ' Hallback (Leadership & Transitional Development Manager) is a poet, mother and college student. She began writing poetry at the age of 11. She had heard a poem from a fellow classmate and decided that it was something she wanted to try as well. Spoken Word found her in a workshop at her high school that was hosted by Wally B. That year she began to visit his local Open mic show titled Heard Em' Say and participated with a local girls poetry group titled Black Girl Speaks. She would become a member of the first BNV team from Tampa/Orlando. She still participates in the poetry community of Tampa Bay area and is constantly finding ways to give back with her time.
Kylila Bullard (Marketing & Promotions Manager) is an accomplished Poet, Scholar, and Digital Media Expert. Kylilas experiences at West Point, Washington D.C., and Harvard have inspired the creation of her website Poetic, where academic, artistic, political, and business resources are available for free. She believes that true success is gained with the support of an equipped community. For this reason Kylila strives to inspire others to be leaders of character that promote positive solutions in their own communities.