Financial Obligations

Slam Team Practice/Road Trips

We will be scheduling a few 1 day, out-of-town road trips for the teens to attend workshops and slams (Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ft. Lauderdale, etc). We estimate each teen will need at least $20 per trip for gas and food.

Brave New Voices International Poetry Festival

BNV Registration*-To attend and compete at BNV, we must apply online at The invited teams are typically capped at 50 teams and consideration is given to the amount of applications submitted per region (4 Florida teams were accepted in 2017). Once invited, the registration costs cover: lodging, 2 meals a day, local transportation, event tickets and access to all activities. Team registration cost is $1,500*and covers 6 team members (students) and 1 coach (adult chaperones). Additional team members and attendees are $500 per person. The team registration fee is due in May*. The remaining amount is due in June*.
*Rates and Deadlines based on 2017 BNV fee schedule

Transportation to BNV-Roundtrip flights to Chicago are currently around $300 per person (Southwest). Total estimated cost for 6 teens plus 4 adults is $3,000*. Southwest also offers 2 free checked bags. We will then utilize the van shuttle system for transportation to and from the BNV lodging location. Estimated cost is $40 per person for a total of $400 (roundtrip shuttle service).
(*Rate as of 12.15.17)

Incidental Fees-1 meal per day and spending money is estimated at a cost of $200.00 per person, which is due by prior to departure.

Total Cost of BNV (HES Poetry Slam Team)-$6,100.00
Total Cost of BNV(per person)-$610.00